8-11, July 2014

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List of Distinguished Speakers


Keynote Speaker (on 08.July.2014)

Prof. CNR Rao, Honorary President, JNCASR, India

Special Lecture (on 11.July.2014)

Prof Roddam Narasimha, DST Year-of-Science Professor, JNCASR, Bangalore

Plenary Speakers

Prof. PM Ajayan, Rice University, USA Nano Engineered Materials

Dr. Inderjit Chopra, University of Maryland, USA Historical Developments and Potential Applications of Smart Structure Technologies

Prof Shiban Koul, IIT Delhi

Prof. Dorian Liepmann, University of Berkely, USA Hybrid plastic-based MEMS devices for biomedical devices

Prof Satish Nagarajiah, RICE Univ, USA New Blind Source Separation, Sparse and Low-rank Methods for Output-only Modal Identification, Damage Detection, Data Compression and Cleansing

Prof. Alan Taub, University of Michigan, USA. The Opportunities and Challenges for Smart Materials in Developing Sustainable Personal Mobility


Special Sessions

Special Symposium of Agriculture [see details]

Special Session on Nano Medicine

Special Session on MEMS in Consumer Electronics


Invited Lectures

Prof. S. Adhikari, Swansea Uni., UK, Nonlinear Energy Harvesting

Prof. GK Ananthasuresh, IISc, Micromanipulation and Characterization of Biological Cells using Miniature SU-8 Grippers

Prof. Anand Krishna Asundi, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Non-destructive technique testing and smart structures

Prof Shekhar Bhansali, Florida International niversity, USA Nanotechnologies, Environmental Sensing and Bioinformatics –The Impending Transformation of Public Health

Prof. Enakshi Bhattacharya, IIT Madras Size and charge based transport of molecules through silicon nanoporous membranes

Dr. Prasanta Chowdhury, NAL, Bangalore, Development of magnetoresistive elements (MRE) as a speed sensor for applications in automobile sectors

Prof. Muralidhar K Ghantasala, Western Michigan University, USA Fatigue life monitoring sensors

Dr. Mathias Heckele, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) Plastic replication on the micro nano scale

Prof. S Hanagud, Georgia Institute of Technology, A New Design Procedure for Positive Position Feedback Controllers for Specified Settling Time

Dr. John A Judge, The Catholic University of America, USA Vibration Localization in Arrays of Coupled Microresonators

Prof. V Kamakoti, IIT Madras Indigenous WSN Development - Challenges

Prof. S Kapuria, IIT Delhi Active Vibration Control of Smart Piezolaminated Composite Shell

Dr. Severine Le Gac, University of Twente, Netherlands Microfluidics for Nanomedicine

Dr. Prabhakar Marur, Pricol Application Opportunities of Smart Materials in Automobiles

Mr. Mark McNie, Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology, Bristol, UK Micro/Nano-scale Etch Processing

Prof. Mira Mitra, IIT Bombay Propagation of Longitudinal Waves in an Axial Rod in Presence of Breathing Crack

Prof. S. Mukhopadhyay, IIT Kharagpur Integrated System Monitoring : Challenges and Prospects

Dr. Chandrashekar Nair, Bigtec Labs, Bangalore Product Development – The Innovation Lifeycle

Dr. Coumar Oudea, EADS/ Austrium Space Transportation, France Needs, requirements and challenges of micro and nanotechnologies for aerospace harsh environments

Dr. P K Panda, NAL, Bangalore  Development Of Pzt And Lead Free Piezo Materials And Actuators

Prof. G. Mohan Rao, IISc, Thin film Microbatteries – Power sources for Next Generation Devices

Dr. A. Ramamohan Rao, SERC, Chennai Sensor Fault Diagnosis Techniques for Structural Health Monitoring

Prof. M Ruzzene, Georgia Tech, USA Structural Health Monitoring

Prof. S. Tanaka, Tohoku Univ, Japan Wafer-Level Heterogeneous Integration Technology and its Applications

Prof. Hidekuni Takao, Kagawa University, Japan Silicon Integrated Tactile Sensor Arrays Based on CMOS Compatible MEMS Fabrication Technology

Dr. MS Thakur, CFTRI, BioMEMS and Nanobiosensors for Health, Food and Environmental monitoring: R&D achievements at CSIR-CFTRI

Prof. K. B. R Varma, IISc Smart Materials

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